We’re not called Dynamic Network Associates for nothing.


This is an active, productive networking group of enthusiastic individuals

who take care of themselves by taking care of each other.


Interested, caring business partners

who bring referrals and leads to their member friends each week.


DNA admits only one member per professional classification.
Candidates (and members) must have at least two years engagement in their business or service classification.

DNA Benefits

As a member, you’ll be part of a stable and productive networking group of over 20 years’ standing. DNA members
are committed to helping one another grow their businesses through powerful referral resources.

Your membership in DNA will help you to:

  • Increase your exposure – directly and indirectly – to countless other business professionals
  • Increase your business substantially through referrals
  • Develop and sharpen your presentation skills
  • Learn to communicate effectively about your business, and the type of leads and referrals you’re looking for
  • Build strong relationships with other members and their expanded circles
  • Join in a lively breakfast meeting every week, in addition to a number of community projects and group events
  • Receive mentoring from leading DNA members, if you wanted
  • Also, each new member is given a DNA Business Card Binder and Orientation Materials.