June 17, 2017

Why should you rebrand your business?

Everything is running fine in your business, so why or when should you think about rebranding? On average, organizations and brands change their corporate identities once every seven to ten years. Just think about big companies like Target, McDonald’s and Coke. Do a search on google and you’ll find lots of old logos and slogans for each of these companies.

So why did they rebrand, especially since they are clearly highly successful companies?

Here are some of the main reasons why the big companies reinvented themselves:
1. Mergers, Acquisitions or Demergers
2. Repositioning
3. Going International
4. Changing Markets
5. Launching New Products

But the most common reason to rebrand is because you have an outdated image. Changing trends mean that over time brands may come across as old-fashioned. Old fashioned marketing often implies that you are unprofessional or out of touch with your clients needs. It may also say that you aren’t successful enough to create a great experience for your customers.

Rebranding often involves rewriting your identity, mission and vision statements, restyling logos, changing color palettes, updating visual language and your photographic style. In a small number of cases, the name of the organization is also changed during this process. It most definitely does include updating your online presence. The lifespan of websites these days is about 18 months to 2 years before the technology becomes outdated.

If your revenue is dropping, it could be that you need to re-imagine your company. Even if everything is running fine, take the time to look over your brand, your marketing materials, your online presence. Ask your customers, friends and family for input. They can help you decide if you need to re-imagine who you are.

Article Courtesy of Jen Wolfe
Jen Wolfe Creative

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