January 23, 2018

Networking Tips – Conversation Starters

Do you feel awkward the first time you meet someone at a networking event? Here are some great conversation starters that will help you break the ice and get to know the person (and their business) in much greater detail. Asking questions also let’s the person know you have a genuine interest. People do business with people they trust and like. Your genuine interest is a first step in creating that relationship.

What is your passion in helping people in your business?
What do you like most about what you do?
What do you like LEAST about what you do?
Who do you enjoy working with the most?

How did you get here? What is your story?
What obstacles did you have to overcome?
What obstacles are you still dealing with?

Marketing and Positioning
What is your most useful marketing tip?
What is your unique selling proposition?
How do you distinguish yourself from your competition?
Who would be a good prospect for you?
Who is your typical clients right now?
What is the one thing you want your customers to know about you?
How do you communicate with your customers?

Challenges and Resolution
What is the gist of your current challenges?
How do you turn your problems into opportunities?
What limits you from being more successful?
Who would you like to have as your mentor?

The Future
What advice would you give to a new person coming into your field?
Would you let your kids take over your business?
What is the future of your industry?
What have you done to prepare for the changes that you anticipate in the industry?
Do you have an exit strategy from your business?
Do you have an expansion plan?
Where are you in your career path with your business?
Do you feel you have leveraged all you can to max out your income in your business?
If not, what can you do and what have you tried?

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