How DNA Began

What do you do when you’re a member of an expensive national networking group, but very unhappy with the results? You break away, with a vision to make your new networking group the best in town.

That was 20 years ago, when those breakaway people created Dynamic Network Associates. Today, it’s still one of the most productive networking groups in the Valley!

By design, it’s not the largest networking group in town – limited to one member per professional classification – but it’s not called Dynamic for nothing

… because this is a group of smart, personable, business-savvy individuals who find both pleasure and success in supporting each others’ enterprises with strong leads and good referrals.

Weekly Breakfast Meetings

DNA meets for breakfast every week at Mimi’s Café on Shea Boulevard in Scottsdale, just east of the 101.

So as not to cut into your busy day, meetings begin at 7:00 am and wrap up by 8:30. (Outside of these regular breakfast meetings, we also hold occasional Mixers and other special events.)

Guests are always welcome. And there are plenty of professional categories not yet represented at our table. To see what professions are currently represented in the group, visit DNA Member Profiles.

Then if you think you’d like to join this dynamic and forward-looking group, contact one of our officers today!

Cost of Membership
$25 one-time set-up fee.

$150 yearly dues.

$57 monthly breakfast fees.

Did you know?

Closing Rates for people referred by a friend/associate are 70% greater!

Business with Friends

It goes without saying that people prefer to do business with people they like.

You don’t take your car to the snooty or grumpy technician. You take it to Cheerful Joe, the mechanic who’s been looking after it happily for years.

The same principle applies here. As members bring business to one another, memberships develop into friendships, and referrals increase in quantity and quality. Meetings here are not just businesslike, they’re warm and friendly. Everyone thrives.

We also have a loyal group of alumni, who, for one reason or another cannot attend on a regular basis, but who can sub for members and continue to refer business to the group.

It’s the reason why DNA is one of the most productive networking groups in the greater Phoenix area.