Why we are here!

  • Education and Trends on what is happening in different markets.
  • Solid Leads from Trusted Referrals that turn into closed deals.
  • Motivation from other Business People with High Standard Mind-Sets.
  • Really Bonded Group with Close Knit Community Mind-Sets.
  • Joking and Kidding Around- Fun Environment.
  • Depth in this Group- Not Superficial.
  • Trusted Resources for Help/Support/Leadership/Ideas.
  • Understand Other Business Needs & Willing to Help/Partner.
  • Atta Boy and Atta Girl Support for Goals and Wins Achieved Personally.
  • Business Advice?Support Ideas.
  • Comfortable Environment.
  • One-on-One Meeting to Get To Know Each Other.
  • Resource for Other Ideas that Worked.
  • Nutritious Full Breakfast.

Who can join DNA?

Any professional is welcome to apply. However, two years’ experience in your field is a requirement.

Is membership limited?

To a degree. There is one member per professional category, or sub-specialty within that category.

What does it cost to be member?

There is a one-time sign-up fee of $25. Annual dues are $150, and there is a monthly Breakfast Fee of $57.

Are fees refundable?


As a member, what are your obligations to DNA?

  1. Each week, you should try to have a referral or testimonial for at least one other member, or bring an interested guest.
  2. To be present at each weekly meeting, or send a substitute. We aim for 75% attendance … an average of three Tuesday mornings out of every four.
  3. To be pretty much on time, and to stay for the entire meeting.
  4. To give a 60-second commercial about your business each week.
  5. To give a 10- to 20-minute presentation when you turn comes around. Traditionally, speakers also provide a door prize worth about $10 to $25.

What time do the meetings begin and end?

We begin at 7:00am and end at 8:30am.

Is there a fixed program?

Yes. Open Networking begins at 7:00; followed at 7:15 by our “commercial” round and a speaker, then leads and referrals and other business – including more Open Networking – and we end at 8:30am

Where does DNA meet?

At Mimi’s Cafe, 8980 E Shea Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. This is just east of the 101 Pima Freeway, on the north side of Shea right next to Red Robin.