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DNA Procedures

As a candidate, you’re welcome to join us at up to three of our breakfast meetings, at no cost … so you can see whether DNA and you are a good match. By your third visit, we’ll ask you to decide about joining.

1. If you like, talk to any of our officers or the Membership Chair before you decide.

2. All our members have at least two years’ active experience in their fields, and we ask that you have the same. Look at our Members List to see if your industry is already taken, and talk to our Membership Chair if there’s room for ambiguity. (For example: dentistry, dental surgery, orthodontist and periodontist would count as four separate categories.)

3. Members introduce themselves at each meeting, and deliver a quick 60-second commercial about their business, or one of its specifically helpful features, or an anecdote about how it solved a client’s problem.

4. Because your membership is important both to us and to you, our DNA Rules ask that you attend at least 75% of the time; usually viewed as three notified absences per quarter. If you can’t attend, we recommend you send a substitute from your office.  If that won’t work, there are substitutes who are past members that can’t make all the meetings but are our loyal alumni who still participate with us and continue to refer leads to us. As a last resort, ask one of the other members to deliver your 60-second speech

5. We ask one member each week, in rotation, to give a 10- to 15-minute presentation to the group about your business, and also to donate an item valued between $10 and $25. This is used as a door prize awarded later at the meeting.

6. Once you have submitted your application and your review is complete, our Membership Chair will contact you within a week or two.

Cost of Membership

$25 one-time setup fee.
$150 yearly dues.
$57 monthly breakfast fees.

Additional Information

Members Directory

DNA Customs and Practices

These are the internal traditions that guide us in our interactions with other individual DNA members, and with the group as a whole.

1. DYNAMIC NETWORK ASSOCIATE is a referral/leads group based on creating and maintaining long term professional and personal relationships with its members, members’ clients, and other referrals. Members commit to conducting themselves in a professional and ethical manner.

2. REGULAR WEEKLY MEETINGS begin at 7 am and end at 8:30 am.
Meetings are held at Mimi’s Café, 8980 E. Shea Boulevard, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. Mimi’s serves breakfast from a limited but very tasty menu.
We ask that you respect DNA members and our weekly speaker by arriving on time and staying for the entire meeting. Late arrivals and early departures tend to disrupt the meetings, and can also cause problems with the breakfast servers.

3. OUR SUCCESS DEPENDS ON YOUR PARTICIPATION – both in the regular weekly meetings and, whenever possible, in other DNA-related events and activities.
Our guiding principle for weekly meetings is 75 percent attendance; roughly three out of every four monthly meetings. We take habitual absenteeism as a sign of lost interest. Since DNA is industry-exclusive and depends on the positive actions of its membership, we like to fill places at DNA with businesspeople who are enthusiastic about their membership, and participate regularly at weekly meetings.

4. IT’S A DNA STANDARD that our members always try to help each other through referrals and leads without the immediate expectation of reciprocation. In fact, some recipients of your lead/s may never reciprocate, while others – to whom you never offered a lead or referral – may become an excellent ongoing source of referrals for you.

5. ALTHOUGH DNA IS ONE OF THE VALLEY’S MOST PRODUCTIVE NETWORKING GROUPS, we do not – cannot – promise instant or consistent rewards. Members, especially newer ones, may go for weeks or months before their networking efforts pay off within the group with leads or referrals. Your success depends on how you develop your relationships at DNA.

6. DNA MEMBERSHIP is not intended to be an opportunity to market your business directly to its members. In fact, aggressively soliciting business directly from DNA members may actually sour your attempt to develop long-term referral sources there.

Our primary goal is that you develop your fellow members into referral sources on a reciprocal basis. We become your informal sales force, but not necessarily your automatic customers.

However, very much on the plus side, most members do regularly request each other’s services as a natural outcome of DNA membership.